About Sincell

Who we are

Sincell is a software company founded by two entrepreneurial brothers who are realizing their dream of owning a successful software business. Since its beginning in 2002 Sincell has released a number of products with the help of a team of talented developers, designers, and support staff. Their goal is to continue growing the business through products that are simple, smart, and connected.

Where we've been

We've worked for large companies supporting more than 18,000 users and small companies supporting 4. We've worked in a range of industries including education, agriculture, healthcare, and consumer goods. All of this has given us the experience and desire to be where we are today.

Where we're going

This is where You come in. You guide our future. We believe that when it comes to software, the people using the products know more about where they should go than the people selling them. That is why we will listen to you when it comes to which features should be worked on and implemented.